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Protect your privates; learn how to remove a genital wart the ri

Adults and young adults should be concerned if they have noticed peculiar rough lumps on their privates, especially if your partner does have one too. Those would be genital warts, and don’t even think of using your regular wart remedies for it. Since that these warts are located on your genitals, which is a very sensitive part of your body. Putting unnecessary treatments could lead to serious complications to you and your body. This type of warts is very different from your typical neck, hand, and foot warts. They came from a different strain of virus that causes warts, but in a dangerous way. But do not frantic about it. You need to learn how to remove genital wart the right way. The good thing is as long as you properly manage to remove it, it would just a past from your privates.
First off, it is sexually transmitted, so have your partner also to check if they have any. It can also disappear by itself like ordinary warts, but the probability of coming back is big. Expect it to be itchy, but try not to scratch it, we wouldn’t want it to bleed and it will just cause you further trouble. It multiplies enormously and most of them are invisible to an ordinary eye. I repeat, do not try to use any topical ointments unadvised by your doctor. You need to go directly to your doctor, they would tell you exactly how to remove a genital wart before it gets infected and spreads out big time!
You also need to know that genital warts are cancerous, this would concern both men and women, but the risk factor would be higher on women to have cervical cancer at the most. For invisible warts, your doctor would usually use pure white vinegar (acetic acid); they would turn white and would provide a better assessment for your doctor on how large the area it already has spread to. Your doctor would give you options on how to remove a genital wart, you can decide to freeze or burn them, or undergo laser surgery. You’ll also be given approved topical regimens, it would differ depending if it is an external or internal genital warts. For pregnant women, there would be a different set of treatment since that it would be dangerous to cause birth defects.


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